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SEO/SEM/Adwords/ SMO/Adsense ClassRoom & Online Training in Hyderabad

We provide Digital  Training for Job Seekers, Web Developers & Website Owners. Both beginners and specialists in the field of SEO can apply for the training. 
You can select any place and time convenient to you. We provide both online and offline either at your home or at our office. 
Our students would receive guidance from a team of dedicated SEO / SEM experts who have more than 7 years experience in SEO. 
Our syllabus covers all the SEO concepts including SEO Optimization Technologies, SEO Analysis & Reports, Link Building, Articles & Submission, SEO Tools etc. 
SEO  Training  Course  Structure.
Website    Basics class:
1)What  is Domain &  Types
2)T.L.D & S.L.D & T.L.D Domain
3)Domain  Registration
4)What  is  Web  Hosting  Server
5)Windows Server
6)Linux Server
7)Sharing,Dedicated,VPS  Hosting
8)What is http? https? www?
9)Hosting  Registration
10)DNS Server
11)What is  Website?
12)Dynamic,Static  Websites
13)Free  website  creation
14)Free  hosting  form  host  gator
15)Free  web mails  Creation  up  to  5
16)Free  data  base  Creation
1)What is  Search  Engine
2)How Search  Engine Works
3)Google  Search Engine History
4)Yahoo  Search  Engine  History
5)Bing  Search   Engine  History
Google  Search Engine Updates
1)Google  Panda  Algorithms
2)Google  Penguin  Algorithms
3)Google Page  Rank 
4)Google  SERP  Positions
5)What  is  SEO
6)Why do  SEO
7)SEO  Future
Website & Competitor analysis
1)Google  Keyword  Tool
2)High,Medium,Low Competitor
3)Global,Monthly  Serches
4)Word Tracker  Tool
5)Google trends  Tool
6)Free Keyword   Tools
On  Page OPtimization (30% in SEO)
1)Meta Title
2)Meta  Keywords
3)Meta  Description
4)Header tags
5)image  Tag
6)Anchor  test
7)Keyword  Denisty,Keyword Proximence,Keyword Proximeter
8)Canonical  From
9)Robotos  Text File
10)Google anyaltics(12)
11)Webmaster Tools(15)
12)XML Sitemaps(Search  EnginePurpose)
13)HTML Sitemaps(User Purpose)
14)301.302,401 Erros
15)Footer  Optimization
16)RSS  Feeds
Off  Pae  Optimization  Methods(70% in SEO)
1) What  is  Link  Building
      •	One way link building
      •	Two Way or Reciprocal link
      •	Link Wheel  Building
2)Bookmarking Submissions
3)Press Releases Submissions
4)Search Engine submissions
5)Article Submissions
6)Classified posting
7)Forum Posting
9)Blog  Coments
10)Google,Yahoo  Groups
11)yahoo Answers&Questions
12)Youtue Video Creation@ Promotion
13)White Hat Link Building(05)
14)Black  Hat Link Building(06)
15)Grey Hat Link Building (07)
16)Internal Links
 17)External Links
18)Facebook.Twitter,Linked in Promotions
19)Twitter  Url  Shortner
20)WEB 2.0 Technoligies
      •  Etc.,
Google Places / Local  Places  Listing
2)Maps Google
4)Yellow  pages  Submissions
Reports & Tools
1)Google  Anyaltics
2)Webmster  Tool
3)Google  Trends Tool
4)Page loading time
5)Bounce rate 
6)Website  Speed
7)W3 validitor
8) Alexa  rank Tool
9)Spinner  Articles
10)Copy Scape Tool
Additional Topics
1)Introduction  Google Adwords
2)Google Adsense
3)Apply  Google  adsense Account
4)Affliate Marketing Basics
5)How  To Get  SEO  Projects
6)How  to  get  freelancer  projects
7)Client  report  creation
8)Daily work  schedule

Why you choose Indepth Training ?
•	 80% Practical 20% Theoretical Live projects will be given
•	Explain  with  colourful  PPTS
•	We believe not only in business but also in relationships with clients
•	Study material by experts
•	Trainers with more than 8 Yrs of Online Advertising
•	SEO  interview  questions &Answers
•	Very small batches
•	Classes on weekday,weekends
1. Who benefits from this SEO/SEM Training?
  Job Seekers : In the present situation, experienced/IT qualified job seekers are not getting good jobs. But SEO fresher's have good demand in the job market and highly salary offers.
  Web Designers / Developers
  If your site is not SEO friendly, your clients get annoyed when their expensive website is useless for search engine rankings. SEO implementation on your website will show more professionalism.
  Corporate / Website Owners
  Spending money for just the development of the website will not give returns. Investing in your website for SEO will bring more visitors/enquiries/business. 
  2. Who is eligible to apply ?
    No Degree! You must have minimal computer skills and have used a web browser.
 3. Duration of the course?
    As per your Web application skill upto u became  digital Marketing Expert
4. Method of Training?
    Study SEO from our Office or at your home  or  online
      1) Daily  Classes 
      2) Sat& Sun  fast  track  Batches
      3) Class room,  online,  Home  Based  Trainings